About us

At Media Moja, our team of innovators and digital marketers in tech and design bring skills above and beyond the ordinary to every project. Our web design and development team is involved in professional B2B and B2C web design and development, mobile applications, digital strategy, user experience, advertising, social media, content management systems, and email marketing initiatives.


Media Moja offer end-to-end solutions, agility in execution, and depth of specialization.

Web Design

The Internet is an ever changing environment that demands that you keep up with the latest and greatest communication platforms. Your website is the first impression for your company and where customers make the decision to do business with you, decide what products to buy, learn about events that are scheduled, who to consult, and what information is most important to them. Media Moja provides websites that by far, stand out from the rest of the competitors

Web Development

The best website development companies are organizations that truly understand a client’s vision and can develop something that is functional, has clean code, and is scalable. Media Moja follows the agile methodology and focuses on iterative development, which is typically comprised of sprints that are 2-4 weeks in length. This allows our team to prioritize requirements that evolve, collaborate with the client, and continually test.

Forensic Audit

We provide forensic auditing services to corporates and their internal and external counsel in relation to concerns of fraud, bribery, corruption, money laundering and other forms of financial misconduct. Our forensic evidence is regularly used to support both criminal and civil recovery proceedings, as well as disclosures to regulators and law enforcement agencies around the globe.

Digital Marketing

Connect with clients on a human level- one small, meaningful interaction at a time. Because clients buy from people, not practices.

Content Marketing

Build barriers against competition and commoditization by becoming your client’s anchor of expertise. So when everyone else competes on price, you can charge more.


Turn rankings into revenue by obsessing over your clients’ needs, not Google’s. Since last time we checked, Google doesn’t fill out consultation forms.


Advertising is selectively telling your story in an impactful and memorable way utilizing words, imagery, timing, placement and movement. Media Moja is in tune with your brand, ideas, strategy, message and product and can help you live in the minds of your target audience.

Branding Agency

Your brand needs to tell your story to the customer both consciously and subconsciously conveying the qualities that make you the best choice. Media Moja is a group of brand specialists and we know that your brand is more than just a logo.

Cyber Crime

Helping you stay safe from computer-oriented crime is what we’re about, we create a secure working environment making sure you have nothing to worry about as you get along with your daily office duties and transactions over the internet.

Web Hosting

We give you essential hosting features you need to accommodate a "just getting started" website or an existing average-size blog, personal, or business website.

Mobile App Development

We offer custom software solutions in mobile development and web applications. With a team of team of (Mobile and Web) software developers, user experience designers, and web content builders our aim is to start the clients’ journey from where they are. Check out our premier app “Kenya Parks” on Google play and IOS.

Graphics Design

Are you memorable? The differentiator between you and the competitor is your design and you stand out in an over populated marketplace. Our expert team of designers will craft the difference that gives you the validity and momentum your company needs to standout in the marketplace.

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